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Unsinkable Polarized Youth Mini-Shades- BHI

Unsinkable Polarized Youth Mini-Shades- BHI

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Minishades Polarized Classic Kids Sunglasses Minishades Polarized was developed by the creators of Reflekt Polarized, who as parents ourselves, grew tired of in-adequate childrens sunglasses (Non-polarized sunglasses, cheap sunglasses and /or plastic sunglasses that break. Kids need to cut the glare and relax their eyes just as adults do. In fact children's eyes are more susceptible to UV damage than adults. Your child’s developing eyes are more transparent, which allows more harmful light to reach the retina. Polarized lenses block the reflected UV light in addition to the direct & scattered UV light. This essential layer of protection is now a standard in adult sunglasses. We felt it is time your kids have the same protection, so we decided to take 20 years of polarized sunglass experience and develop the only all polarized brand for little kids....welcome to Minishades. - Made in the USA or Imported - Rubber-like frame - Plastic lens - Polarized - UV Protection Coating coating - Lens width: 41.8 millimeters - Safe, Strong and Super Cute - 4.13 x 4.13 x 1.38 inches; 0.35 Ounces

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