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SCOUTS- FLIP FLOPS - Sky Blue - Hari Mari - BHI

SCOUTS- FLIP FLOPS - Sky Blue - Hari Mari - BHI

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  • Memory foam-lined nylon webbing strap with jersey lining 
  • No break-ins with patented Hari Mari MemoryFoamToe (TM) post
  • Soft-squeeze eva midsole and 10mm foam arch
  • Molded rubber outsole with beveled edge
  • Butter-smooth nubuck leather footbed with cupped heel for added comfort
  • Upper cotton nylon blend
  • Insole nubuck leather
  • Outsole molded rubber

All Hari Mari products are carefully crafted from premium materials. Although our footwear is built to last, it is NOT dish-washer, washing-machine, or microwave-safe.
Be nice to your footwear & it’ll be nice to you. We promise!

  • Do: spot clean with a damp rag and allow to dry indoors, away from direct sunlight

  • Don't: use harsh chemicals, get untreated weather wet, let Fido snack on your favorite pair

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